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Terms and Conditions

Account Settlement

All accounts must be paid by Monday 5pm MST following the sale. Payment Options

Catalog Information and Announcements 

Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure correctness of the information in the sale catalog.


Transfer fees are the responsibility of the seller, being 88 Ranch Performance Horses. Registration certificates and transfer papers will be mailed directly to the AQHA Buyer shall receive original registration certificate directly from the AQHA office once transfers have been complete.

Bidding - The highest bidder shall become the buyer. 88 Ranch Performance Horses reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Bidding Increments will increase in $500 Increments.

Sale will end at 5pm MST Sunday 6th February.  Each lot will close TWO Minutes after the lot preceding it.

Preview - We will have a virtual preview at 5pm Friday 4th February. It will be Live preview on the 88 Remuda Sale Facebook Page. All are welcome to come to the ranch at this time to inspect and watch the preview. However, horses ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO RIDE. They are only available to view!!

Transport – Buyer is responsible for lining up transport for horses purchased. We can recommend haulers after the sale! Horses can stay at the ranch for up to 7 days after the sale, then it will $20/day to board them.

Insurance – It is recommended you obtain insurance after purchasing a horse – It is Buyers responsibility to obtain insurance after the purchase of a horse. We highly recommend you do so. If you do not, you agree to assume risk.

Any information regarding the sale and horses please Contact Garrett Henry (307) 267-5082